Friday, October 31, 2014

October Sky

This morning flying over the sunrise reminded me how beautiful it is here in NorCal.  I've been enjoying the hikes, natural wonders, many beautiful sunrise and sunset.  More of sunsets since I'm not a morning person.
4 years ago, I was dreading of living here knowing that it gets cold, foggy, and well cold.  In actuality, most of the days are beautiful with cooler temperatures in the morning and at night, sunny and warm during the day which keeps me happy.  There's something about the sun that gives me great energy, but like everything else too much of it isn't good either.  I've been trying to balance my life, it's not hard but sometimes I get consumed with one thing and forget about the other. 
Luckily I have many mountains and ocean nearby where I can go to take a break from the busy life and recollect myself, my thoughts, and just be me.  And when I have time I get to catch up on writing, like right now while I'm sitting on the plane.  There's really only so much you can do in a seat for 5hours!
A few weeks ago, I finally got to hike the Half Dome at Yosemite.  That was my 4th visit to the park, and the most challenging hike I've done so far.  Someday I will write a Yelp review about it.  I still can't believe that I somehow made it.  Duringd my first few visits I thought I was at Half Dome, but I was just at the valley, the very bottom.  The hike took all day starting at 5am til 9pm, well we stopped to rest...alot...on the way.  The views were amazing and breathtaking with depth that my cameras can't capture.  If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.  Sometimes all it takes is a bit or alot of determination and believing in yourself.  No matter how hard it gets, you can't stop holding on because if you let go of that cable you'd pretty much fall off and die lol. 
Day by day, step by step but little efforts everyday has built me to be stronger physically and mentally.  It takes influences, but only you can decide how you want to improve or change. 
Nevada Falls, Yosemite

Fall in Yosemite

Half Dome diving board

Half Dome, Yosemite

Friday, September 19, 2014


A couple months passed already since I last wrote a post.  My mind seems to be all over the place to really sit down and write something.  But every time I see my friends' blogs and writing reminds me that I should write, someday I will look back at these happy days.  When the weather, the sky, and life is almost perfect.
I've been working on multiple things that revolves around my business and still working full-time for the company.  The day passes by way too fast, with so many things that I need to get done.  Yes, slow down for a moment Trynh, because you can't do everything.  However, I think that M thinks that my life is seamlessly easy because when he gets home from work everything is already done.  There are perks and downside to working from home, and now I really realize how hard it is to build a business on your own without the corporate support.  That is where my foundation lies, science, corporate, business development and investments.  So I'm gathering all that I know to build and adding my creative sparkles to it.
P.S I think my website is up and running well now, with a full portfolio (almost), there might be glitches because I did build it myself lol.
Lastly, blogs without pictures are not fun!  So here are some recent random pictures.

Lake Almanor with M

Hiking at Mount Woodson San Diego

Potato Chip at Mount Woodson, San Diego

View from Mount Woodson

Kuleto Winery

Catching a breeze 

Dress: Urban Outfitters  Sandals: Shopbop

Lunch with girlfriends in Orange County

Hiking at Vernall Falls, Yosemite