Thursday, April 17, 2014

Desert Rain

Time flies when I'm too busy.  I know I promise to update this site once a month, I think I'm still on queue.  Many events/travels coming up in the next few months for me, I'm either excited or nervous I'm not sure.  Well, no matter what happens I will always have nature where I feel at peace.  I attempted to hike Mount Whitney with Cathleen, and there was a snow storm coming in the middle or Spring, but I got to see the Mobius Arch in Alabama Hills (not in Alabama) in the middle or nowhere desert land aka somewhere in between California and Vegas.
PS. My photography website is finally up  (check it out and book me I'm available like 2 days out of the month Smiley)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Last days in Barcelona

My little sister is now living in Barcelona, Spain and she's getting homesick.  Even though she's in a different country every weekend.  Well, I'm thinking of you little big one, even though we don't talk often.  I still remember the days that you grew up beside me, and how quickly time has gone by and now you are all grown up.  I hope you make the best of your time and time will fly by.  I will see you back at home soon!

Some memories in BCN

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Dress: old| Bag: Chanel| Sunglasses: Mango