Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fitness journey

Lately I've been posting more on my page which I started awhile back to post my artwork, but life gets busy and I never got around to it.
I will just continue to write about life as it happens.  As of late, I've been focusing on transforming my muscles, working out 5-6 days a week when possible, eating clean and healthy with maybe one or two cheat meal a week but in a moderate amount.  I've been tracking my progress here and there privately and some on, find me there if you have an account.
My goal is to get back to doing yoga more regularly and increase my flexibility.  It is all hard work, I remain constantly sore throughout my body!   I'm also trying to run more regularly again, I was doing more cycling/elliptical/stairs/kickboxing as cardio in last few months. 
My cheat meals are froyo, milk tea &Japanese ramen lately, my cravings have phases.  Everything I've been cooking for breakfast, lunch& dinner 7 days/week is low fat, no fat, no sugar (I use honey), & glutten free. 
I've been training at a gym since 2002, I've been changing things up let's see where this fitness journey leads me. 


  1. Gorgeous photos! I've also been trying to increase my exercise over the last week, I'm from Sydney and summer's just around the corner so it's definitely time to get bikini ready!

    love, greta

    1. Thankyou Greta :) I have some more workout & nutrition to post later. Let me know how your progress goes! I miss Sydney, loved it there during your summer. KIT